Kristófer Reykjalín

2024-02 Elements

This is a collection of elements to help me style the blog and make sure things look nice without constantly loading different pages. Additionally this can help anyone visiting the blog figure out how things are styled :)

This is an h1 tag

This is an h2 tag

This is an h3 tag

This is an h4 tag

This is an h5 tag
This is an h6 tag

This is a paragraph.

This is a link.

  1. This is an item in an ordered list.
    1. This is a nested item in a nested list.

This is a quote.

This is a cite tag
This is a code tag.
This is a pre tag.
// This has C++ code.
int main() {
	return 0;
// This has JavaScript code.
const fn = () => {
	return 0;


This is an info notice.


This is a warning notice.